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We are pleased to greet you in New Zealand. A valid passport and visa are essential for a trouble-free arrival in New Zealand. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after the day you want to depart. If necessary, you must also possess a current New Zealand eTA. All visitors from nations with transit or visa waivers must get a visa in advance (except holders of Australian and New Zealand passports). Whenever you change your destination, you must also have a visa with you. Therefore, even if your trip involves transiting through Auckland International Airport, you must apply for a visa first. Remember that you can only enter the authorized transit area of the airport with a transit visa.

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Transit travelers from the visa waiver countries with a rest in Auckland International Airport to a different country must have an NZeTA Transit visa. However, visitors with a long break who'd like to exit from Auckland Airport to roam around the city have to apply for –

People with passports from visa-waiver countries are qualified to apply for an NZeTA for tourism. This will permit them to visit Auckland if they have a long halt in New Zealand.

All European Union residents:

Other Countries that are listed in this category are :

Do you intend to apply in advance?

In this situation, you can apply to tourists or business travelers on our website. The process is really simple. It is necessary for travelers from nations without transit visas who pass through NZ in transit. For related IVL, there are no fees. These tourists may not always require a visa, but they still need one. There are two circumstances in which a transit visa is optional. Firstly, if you are departing or arriving from a nation that does not call for a transit visa, both times, you won't require one. Second, you won't need a transit visa if you're from a United Kingdom nation that doesn't require one.

Who should fill out this form?

This form is provided for people or families interested in apply for NZeTA transit visa. If you intend to travel to or from New Zealand, and you

How should your application be formatted?

Along with your completed application forms and original passport, additional information is required:

Use the checklist provided at the end of the application to double-check that you have included all the necessary paperwork and information. We will begin processing your application once we have all the required data and paperwork. Your application forms or procedure will be returned unless you provide all the necessary information, and the process will be delayed.

Application essentials

Travelers who want to use eTA transport must:

When is it necessary to receive a Transit Visa instead of a Transit to New Zealand?

To visit New Zealand, transit travelers who are not eligible for the program must obtain a visa. You must provide us with additional supporting documents that must be submitted with a visa application. To allow processing, travelers requiring a transit visa must submit their application before leaving. Visa-exempt travelers should apply for a visa to enter New Zealand and exit the airport.

How can I get a New Zealand transit visa?

New Zealand passengers requiring a transit visa must have the following:

Do I require an airport transit visa, and what does it entail?

The country from which the person is from affects several things, including whether an airport visa is necessary. The Visa Advisor makes the decision-making process about the need for airport transit visas easier.

Can people get Transit NZeTA instead of New Zealand Transit Visas?

People who do not come under any category mentioned here could need an approved Transit Visa for New Zealand

NZeTA Application Requirements for New Zealand

Below are the things an applicant needs to perform while applying. These are -

Once the authorities approve the application after the document verification, you can download it via a generated link. However, eTA gets approved in 1 day, but you need to make an application arrangement three days before to avoid any hassle.

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