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From 1 October 2019, New Zealand is no longer visa free for all travellers. All travellers from all transit visa waiver countries or visa waiver countries (except Australian and New Zealand passport holders) are required to pre-arrange a visa.

This is called a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization, or NZeTA. It concerns an electronic authorization document, with which one can cross New Zealand borders. You must also be in possession of an NZeTA when switching. So even if you are only traveling through Auckland International Airport, you must apply for an NZeTA in advance. Keep in mind that with the transit visa you are not allowed to leave the designated transit area of the airport. Do you wish to do this in advance? In that case, apply for the NZeTA for tourist or business travellers. On our website, you can do this very easily.

Travellers from transit visa waiver countries that are transiting through New Zealand are required to have an approved NZeTA. However, they don’t charges for the associated IVL.

Here are the Names of Transit Visa Waiver Nations

People carrying passports from visa waiver nations are included in transit waiver agreement of New Zealand and are obligated to have a Transit NZeTA on the International Airport in Auckland. These countries are -

Bahamas Bermuda Bolivia Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Micronesia
Indonesia Kiribati Nauru Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay
Peru Philippines Republic of Marshall Islands Samoa Solomon Islands Thailand Tonga
Tuvalu Vanuatu Venezuela

Transit travellers from the visa waiver countries with a halt in Auckland International Airport to a different country are mandate to have a Transit New Zealand eTA. however, visitors with a long halt who'd like to exit from Auckland Airport to roam around the city have to apply for –

- A Tourism New Zealand eTA if they are from a visa waiver country

- A Tourist Visa if they're from a visa-required country

People having passports from the visa waiver nations are qualified to apply for a NZeTA for tourism. It will permit them to visit Auckland if they've a long halt in New Zealand-

All European Union residents:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Other Countries that are listed in this category are :

Andorra Argentina Bahrain Brazil Brunei Canada Chile
Hong Kong Iceland Israel Japan Kuwait Liechtenstein Macau
Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Monaco Norway Oman Qatar
San Marino Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Republic of South Korea Switzerland Taiwan
United Arab Emirates United States Uruguay Vatican City

Do You require an NZeTA for transportation through New Zealand?

Transit passengers are those people who pass through New Zealand to another destination. they need to carry, in any situation, a valid eTA from October 1st, 2019, onwards.

The condition would be of having people being -

- Citizens of a visa waiver nation

- From transit visa waiver nation

- Permanent resident from Australia having a valid visa

The transit eTA of New Zealand helps people to halt and pass through Auckland airport being remain in the transit zone and board their flight for another place.

From the 1st of October, 2019, all citizens from the 60-visa waiver and transit visa waiver nations should have register online for eTA to pass through the New Zealand. And, this condition is also appropriate to visa exempted travellers.

The New Zealand eTA is valid for two years from the date of consent.

What is the condition in which people need a New Zealand Transit Visa rather than a Transit NZeTA?

People who do not come under any category mentioned here, could need an approved Transit Visa for New Zealand –

- Transit NZeta holder travellers from visa waiver nations

- Australian citizens (visa holders) having Transit NZeTA who are going Australia via New Zealand.

- Travellers from Australia having a valid transit NZeTA

- NZ passport holders, temporary entrance class visa holders, or residence class visa holders

- Visa waiver citizens holding a Transit NZeTA

- People travelling from Australia with a Transit NZeTA

What do you need to get a New Zealand Transit eTA?

Obtaining a New Zealand Transit eTA is a simple and straightforward process. Below are the eligibility criteria for the candidates to apply for -

- A passport with the validity of at least 3 months

- A valid email address to receive their NZeTA notification once it is approved

- Payment option (Debit/Credit Card)

With the help of an online option and using a phone, tablet, or laptop, one can apply for NZeTA. The transit eTA online application form can directly be filled in just a few minutes. Candidates need to duly fill the form with their personal information along with the mentioned ones in the passport, including:

- First and last name

- Date of Birth

- Nationality

- Residential Address

- Contact Details

- Passport number with the issue and expiry date

Candidates need to answer a few health as well as security questions and review the application carefully to ensure it matches with all the information printed on the passport exactly.

As soon as the application form has been submitted, the system will determine that a person needs a Transit NZeTA. It calculates the applicable fees automatically for their situation.

Travellers with the valid passport of a visa waiver country who expect to leave the airport and want to stay in New Zealand can apply for New Zealand eTA. Eligible candidates will not be able to transit with the NZeTA through Christchurch or Wellington airport.

Transit eTA Application Requirements for New Zealand

Below are the things an applicant needs to perform while applying for eTA. These are -

- Duly filled the online application form

- Passport for having three months of validity

- Pay the eTA charges using debit or credit card

Once the application has approved by the authorities after the document verification, you can download the Transit eTA via a generated link. However, eTA gets approved in 1 day, but you need to make application arrangement three days before to avoid nay hassle.

NZeTA Application