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New Zealand ETA Visa Ireland People

If you are planning to travel New Zealand, the country of dream, the very first thing that you need to do is to get your documentation completed. You need some sort of valid and genuine final documents that will let you enter and explore the beautiful country. Several countries are there that require NZeTA for the purpose.

The ETA for New Zealand has been introduced in July 2019 but it came into effect on 1 October. This is valid and required for all the visa-exempt countries excepting Australia.

We have created a stress free, easy and short process so that one can get travel document completed on time with very minimal efforts. It is very significant to get ETA for New Zealand as without this document, it is quite impossible for a person to enter the borders.

Are the people of Ireland (Irish People) quite eligible for NZeTA?

Yes, Irish residents can get a New Zealand ETA and travel to this beautiful country for their required works. We will help you and guide you how to apply with little / minimal / no effort. It will take 20 minutes hardly to complete the process. All you need to have all the valid documents ready beside him/her while applying online.

What are the terms and condition to apply for ETA New Zealand?

The easiest way to get your ETA for New Zealand is to apply online. The online application process is quite easy and simple however, you will have to keep a few things in mind. Be ready with all the valid and original document while filling online application form. Rest assured that the responsibility of putting everything collectively isn't at all tough as the list is quite short. Also, the papers, docs, and identity proofs you need is very easy to acquire.

Once the NZeTA for Ireland residents has been issued, the document can be used for multiple visits for up to 2 years. The validity will remains active as long as the passport is valid. Either for general trips, travelling for holiday or even business tours, the ETA will allow you to visit New Zealand without any hassle.

For air lines and cruise lines' crew members, the criteria is separate. They too have to apply for the ETA NZ following the same process, but the validity for them will be of 5 years.

Required documents to travel New Zealand with valid ETA

It is recommended to review the requirements carefully before applying for NZeTA.

- Candidate should have a valid passport for his entire trip of New Zealand. Moreover, the remaining validity of the passport should be of or more than 3 years from the date of Visa approval.

- An online form should be duly filled with correct information.

- A working valid email ID of the candidate is requiring so that Govt. authorities can send via doc on that.

- A valid debit card/credit card is required for the candidate to have so that he/she can cover all the tourist levy and travel authorisation cost.

Though the ETA Visa for Irish people to visit New Zealand is approved in a day, generally, but the passengers require to fulfil the online formalities 3 business days before the departure. This will help to get enough processing time, in case, any additional documents are required to submit. After the approval of the proposed ETA application, the applicant will get their E-Visa via an official mail.

Can the process of visa application get delayed?

The answer is 'No'. What a candidate has to understand is that we provide a few choices regarding the processing speed. You get 3 options that best serves the purposes. Here is what an applicant can opt for –

- Normal Visa processing– The NZETA arrives within 24 hours.

- Emergency Visa processing– Candidate need to wait for 4 hours to get the application to be processed.

- Rush Visa processing– The travel doc (ETA) will be ready within half an hour.

The required Information about NZeTA for Ireland

The requirement to get a valid ETA Visa hasn't been concluded yet. Moreover, the requirements to get the documentation finished include valid passport, payment of tourist levy as well as the service fee. The payment for the purpose can be done using a debit/credit card. Once the application is approved by the authorities, the valid Visa will be sent to the candidate via an official email.