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New Zealand eTA for Greece Citizens

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world. This is the reason why people from across the world come to visit this place. The place offers majestic hills, stunning rivers, the true colors of Mother Earth and a greener, peaceful environment. If you want to take a break from your urban lifestyle and want to spend some time with nature, you should visit New Zealand.

Are you planning to go to New Zealand in the coming months? Then you should apparently know that the country made a few changes to the visa policy. eTA is a new thing that has been introduced. All visa-exempt countries, except for Australia, need to get a New Zealand eTA before departure. The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) was introduced in the month of July 2019. It becomes necessary as of October 2019. We can help you with the total procedure of online application so that you don't invest too much time in the whole thing.

How to apply for a New Zealand visa from Greece?

Yes, you can easily apply for a New Zealand visa for Greece. Since the residents of Greece are excluded from obtaining a visa when going to New Zealand, one can qualify for a New Zealand eTA. We will help you get it with minor problems.

Greece Country Flag Image | New Zealand eTA for Greece Citizens

The New Zealand eTA is an essential document that is highly required for the Greek people if they want to visit this beautiful country. Though NZeTA is permitted in a day, the passengers are required to fulfil the online formalities 3 business days before departure.

Travel Requirements to New Zealand

It is required for the New Zealand visa for Greek citizens to check their eligibility criteria to apply for a New Zealand visa for Greece. Make sure to fill the application form with accurate information to get your certificate approved, deprived of any problems. It is also required to provide passport details along with your travel plans for your visit to New Zealand. Some health-related questions are also asked in the application form. You will have to answer them correctly.

Required documents for eTA

It is advised to review the terms and conditions carefully before applying for NZeTA.

  • The candidate should have a valid passport for his entire trip to New Zealand.
  • The remaining validity of the passport should be of or more than 6 months from the date of Visa approval.
  • An online form should be duly filled with accurate information.
  • A working and valid email ID address is required for visa approval.
  • A valid debit/credit card is required for the candidate to cover all the tourist levy and travel authorization costs while applying for eTA and spending time in New Zealand respectively.

How long will it take for your visa to get ready?

For the processing visa fees and time required to get your eTA completed, we offer you 3 options. The pricing will depend on the given options -

Normal Visa processing – Your eTA application is processed within 48–72 hours, and the charge is USD 60 including service fees.

Emergency Visa processing – You'll receive your eTA within 24–48 hours. The charge for the application is USD 75 including service fees.

Rush Visa processing – This is the quickest option. You'll get an eTA Visa in 12–24 hours. The price will be USD 85 including service fees.

From Greece To New Zealand - Travel Guidelines

The travelers are advised to get the printout of their NZeTA document to show to the border control authorities to enter New Zealand. They also need to present their valid passport which must correspond with the NZeTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Greek citizens can travel to New Zealand on a visa-free basis for a period of up to 90 days. This visa waiver program allows Greek citizens to visit New Zealand on a short-term basis for tourism, business or to visit friends and family.

To travel to New Zealand for a brief stay, you do not require a visa. Holders of Greek passports are eligible for the visa waiver program, which lets you visit friends and family, travel for business, or spend up to 90 days in New Zealand without having to apply for a visa beforehand.

Indeed, in order to enter New Zealand, Greek nationals need to have a NZeTA. And are necessary for travelers arriving in New Zealand by plane or from nations where visas are not required in order to enter the country for a brief visit or for business.

You can stay in New Zealand for up to nine months out of an eighteen-month term if you have a visitor visa. The duration of your stay, however, may differ based on your personal situation and the terms and limitations outlined in your visa.

If you meet specific financial and investment requirements, you may still be able to immigrate to New Zealand if you are over 50 and qualify for one of several visa categories, such as an investor or entrepreneur visa. Depending on your circumstances and the type of visa you applied for, different immigration laws and procedures may apply to you.

Temporary residents are permitted to enter New Zealand on the basis of a valid visa or entry permit issued by the immigration authorities of New Zealand. The validity and purpose of the visa or permit are contingent upon the length of stay.