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New Zealand is the third most elegant and beautiful country on the planet. The place is stuffed with abundant beauty that is scenic views, lustrous mountains, shimmering rivers, and greenery everywhere. A major part of the county's revenue is generated via tourism.

About New Zealand ETA?

An NZETA is an electronic travel permit (visa waiver) for New Zealand. If you apply for an NZeTA online, you do not need to have a visa affixed to your embassy at the embassy. It is digitally linked to a passport after it has been granted.

Applying for a New Zealand ETA online is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to meet the visa requirement. Before applying, check whether all conditions are met, such as the maximum stay of 3 months.

New Zealand welcomes the citizens of Denmark with pen hands. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to fill the application form carefully and correctly and submit all the required documents.

Travel Documents & Visas to Apply for NZETA

- When traveling abroad, you must always bring a valid travel document with which you can identify yourself (passport or ID card). This also applies to accompany children.

- For some countries, your travel document must be valid for another 6 months from the time you leave that country. You may also need a visa. You can check this at the New Zealand embassy in The Hague

- From 1 October 2019, Denmark travellers to New Zealand must be in possession of a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NzeTA) before traveling to New Zealand. For more information, check the English website of the immigration service.

- Are you traveling alone with underage children? Check which documents you need and take them with you. This way you avoid long waiting times at border controls.

- Have a valid driver's license if you want to rent and / or drive a motor vehicle in New Zealand.

- Email address: The tourist will be requiring a valid email address because as the application is scrutinized and accepted, the NZETA is sent digitally on the email ID mentioned in the form. Though it is advised to take a hard copy of it too while traveling.

- Scanned passport size photograph should also be kept.

- Payment: One should have a valid means of online payment. Be its debit card, credit card or the PayPal.

Once you fill the application form, it generally takes 1 to 2 business days for the authorities to screen the application and respond to your request. The minimum days required for the acceptance and processing of the application is 3 days. It provides sufficient time in case of additional document submission. After the completion of the formalities, the ETA is sent to the concerned person via email.

In addition to an Electronic Travel Authority, New Zealand has also decided to introduce a tourist tax known as Tourism Levy. This tourist levy is also mandatory for Denmark people from 1 October 2019 and must be applied for simultaneously with your NZETA. Tourism Levy also has the same validity of 2 years or as long as the validity of your passport.

The tourists from Denmark are advised to get the printout of their ETA visa to show to the border control authorities to get entered in New Zealand. They too need to show their valid passport as well.