New Zealand is an island country located in the South-Western Pacific Ocean. New Zealand has many islands that make up the country from the group, in which the North and South Island island's largest and most populous. New Caledonia, Tonga, and Fiji are situated in the south of New Zealand. It is one of the most amazing and naturally rich countries.

On our website, you can read about the most beautiful places on this beautiful island. Logical, of course, that you want to see them with your own eyes! An important step in preparing for your trip to New Zealand is to arrange your visa. After all, you don't want to be denied at the gates of paradise, do you? Below you will find the most important things you need to know to complete your visa application for New Zealand quickly and properly.

What is NZETA?

NZeTA has been established since October 1, 2019. It is just like the ETA for countries like the USA, a pre-announcement, a notification that you are coming. This allows the New Zealand Immigration Service to carry out a check and determine whether you can enter the country. NZeTA is not a visa; therefore, it is not included in our list of visas for New Zealand. Not everyone has to apply for an NZeTA. The rule of thumb is that if you go to New Zealand on a visa, you don't need NZeTA.

Are you planning to visit New Zealand? Then, you seemingly know that it made a few changes to their visa policy. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a new rule or you can say a certification that has been introduced. All visa-exempt countries, rather than Australia, need to get New Zealand ETA before departure. The NZETA was introduced in the July 2019. It becomes necessary as of October 2019. We will help you with the process of online application so that you do not need to invest too much time in the whole thing.

How one can you apply for New Zealand ETA?

The New Zealand ETA is an essential document that is highly required for the Seychelles people if they want to visit here. Yes, you can easily apply for ETA New Zealand very easily and hassle freely with us. Since the citizens of Seychelles are excluded from obtaining a visa when visiting New Zealand, one can qualify for an NZETA. We will help you get it with no effort.

The ETA application process is quite easy. All you have to do is to apply online entering the mandatory details. You may apply for early scrutiny of the application in case you have an emergency. Select the payment method. Enter the email address on which you will receive your ETA. That it! You are done.

Required documents for Seychelles people to travel New Zealand with Valid ETA

The process of applying for NZETA is very simple. Very few documents are needed to complete the application form. Some are already available with the tourist. The list of documents are as follows:

- Passport size photograph (color photo with precise dimension).

- While filling application form, you’ll be asked to enter the journey dates (arrival and departure).

- Email address: The applicant will be asked for a valid email address because as the application is scrutinized and accepted, the ETA is sent digitally on that email ID. So, it is advised to take a hard copy of it too while traveling.

- Payment: Applicant should have an online payment option. Be its credit card, debit card or the PayPal. It is advised to review the terms and conditions carefully before applying for NZETA. It is required to cover all the tourist levy and travel authorization costs while applying for ETA and spending time in New Zealand respectively.

All About Tourism Levy

In addition to the NZETA, New Zealand has also introduced a tourist tax, known under the name of Tourism Levy (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy). The tourist tax fee is included in the cost of the New Zealand visa. The validity of the Tourism Levy is also two years or just as long until the validity of your passport. The proceeds of the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy are used to maintain the infrastructure for tourism, to protect nature and to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination.