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Apply for a New Zealand Visa from Croatia

New Zealand is a beautiful city situated in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean. People from near and far come to visit New Zealand and admire its natural beauty. This is the reason why tourism plays a very important role in the economy of this country. Some of the major tourists that visit New Zealand from Croatia.

Croatia is a small country and people from there admire the splendid scenes and views of New Zealand. If you are from Croatia and want to visit New Zealand, you must apply for a New Zealand visa from Croatia.

Steps for applying for New Zealand visa for Croatia

The steps for filling out the form are as follows:

  • The first step is to fill in all the personal information such as names, dates of birth, the purpose of the visit, etc.
  • Mention the date of arrival and date of departure.
  • You will also have to choose the processing time for the application. The sooner you want the processing to complete, the more the amount you will have to pay for it.
  • Select the mode of payment. One can choose from a debit/credit card. The medium is very flexible. The application form asks you to revise the information entered. Once the payment is done, you cannot change it.
Croatia Country Flag Image | New Zealand eTA for Croatia Citizens

Documents Required for NZeTA

The process of applying for eTA is very simple. Very few documents are needed to complete the application form. Some are already available to tourists. The list of documents is as follows:

  • The passport must not expire for at least the next 6 months. Additionally, it should have one blank page for the stamp. The first and foremost thing required is the passport. Without it, you cannot travel to any country. Before filling out the form.
  • During filling up the form, you will be asked to enter the arrival date as well as the departure date. This is mandatory.
  • A scanned passport-size photograph should also be kept.
  • Payment can be done by a debit/credit card.
  • Valid email address as accepted.

Processing time and fees

The processing fees and time of the application are categorized into three categories that are:

  • Normal: Where the application takes 48–72 hours to get scrutinized. The charges for it are USD 60.
  • Emergency: The application takes 24–48 hours and the charges are USD75.
  • Rush: The application takes 12–24 hours and the charges are USD85.

However, it is asked to give some time to the officials. The New Zealand visa for Croatian citizens is valid for a 2-year term with multiple entries. During each entry, you cannot stay for more than 90 days. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, make sure you apply for New Zealand eTA beforehand for smooth functioning. Enjoy your trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're Croatian, you have to get a NZeTA if you want to come to New Zealand for a short stay. But that could change, so make sure you check the latest info and visa rules closer to your travel date.

It is recommended that NZeTA be applied 48–72 hours prior to the planned departure date. However, in order to optimize processing time and reduce any potential travel inconvenience, it is recommended to apply for NZeTA as soon as possible, ideally a few weeks before the departure date.

The maximum length of stay permitted on a New Zealand visa for Croatian citizens is typically 90 days for each visit. This authorization allows for multiple short-term visits within a period of two years from the date of issuance or until the expiration of the passport, whichever is the shorter term.

You may be subject to fines, deportation, and future travel restrictions if you remain in New Zealand for longer than 90 days without obtaining the appropriate visa or extension from a New Zealand visa for Croatian citizens. Thus, it's crucial that you adhere to the permitted duration in order to prevent any legal complications or challenges with your subsequent entry into New Zealand.