Visiting New Zealand is surreal. It can surely make a person feel as if he has landed himself up among the best place on the planet where people are simple, soft-hearted and lead their life in a simplistic way.

For those traveling to New Zealand for the very first time, it is very easy to travel there with airways. New Zealand is quite reachable from all the corners of the world. The air connectivity is of supreme quality. one can find an array of flights to reach here. All you need to have a valid NZETA for the purpose.

What is NZETA?

The New Zealand ETA is an obligatory document that is required for the Hungarian people if they want to visit New Zealand. This rule has come into existence from October 1st, 2019.

Do Hungarian people need Visa Waiver to Visit New Zealand?

Whether a person requires a travel visa from Hungary to New Zealand, it totally depends upon his purpose of the visit and the total duration to stay there. Residents of Hungary can apply through an online form to get E Visa from the travel authority of New Zealand for up to 90 days.

Though the New Zealand ETA is approved in a day, generally, but the passengers require to fulfil the online formalities prior to departure 3 business days. The validity period of this visa doc will be of 2 years from the date of issuance. This will allow multiple travels of up to 90 days to New Zealand for two years.

An applicant requires to submit an online form of NZETA. The application asks for a series of information like applicants' full name, residential address, permanent address, date of birth, contact information, travel plans, and passport information.

To get your visa approval done without any complications, or to avoid any rejections, a candidate needs to go through all the information 2-3 times before submitting it finally. Try to avoid, errors, spelling mistakes, unanswered questions, typos, etc. This will cause a useless delay or rejection of your application.

The required Information about New Zealand ETA

The requirement to get a valid ETA Visa for New Zealand hasn't been concluded yet. Moreover, the basic necessities to get the documentation completed include –

- valid passport (from eligible countries)

- payment of tourist levy

- service fee for the visa.

The payment can be done using a debit/credit card, or net banking. The candidate is asked to submit the duly filled application form with the correct information. It is necessary to pay the required fee while submitting the visa form. Once the application is approved by the authorities, the valid Visa will be sent to the candidate via an official email.

A candidate carrying more than one passport needs to use a similar passport for the application for a visa and to enter the country as well. the NZeTA is only valid with the corresponding document (the provided passport).

From Hungary To New Zealand - The Travel Guide

The travellers are recommended to get the printout of their Tourist NZeTA to present to the border control to get entered in New Zealand. They also need to show their valid passport that must correspond with the visa doc.