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New Zealand is considered by many to be the most beautiful country in the world. A journey through New Zealand is like a trip around the world: rolling hills where flocks of sheep graze peacefully, interspersed with snowy mountain ranges. Fjords are full of gorges and crevices, mud pools and volcanic area. Rainforests with fast-flowing rivers, but also sandy beaches on blue waters. Vibrant or dreamy cities with a friendly, enthusiastic population. Just as impressive as the exotic, the many familiar things are on the other side of the globe. For example, the undulating green bays and hills dotted with sheep could just as well be in Scotland or Ireland, the fjords in Norway and the glaciers in the Alps. Strangely enough, this also applies to people, animals and even plants.

Are you planning to have your holiday vacations in nature-rich wonderful country New Zealand? If it is so, then do some research work and obtain a visa to enter there for some lovely unforgettable moments.

NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority)

New Zealand is introducing an electronic travel authorization for travelers who are nationals of one of the 60 countries covered by the Visa Waiver Program, including the United States of America. This is called NZETA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

• Travel on a passport that falls under one of the 60 visa waiver countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

• All travelers entering New Zealand by cruise ship, regardless of nationality.

• Travelers who have an Australian permanent resident document.

Travelers with a New Zealand or Australian passport and travelers with a valid New Zealand visa do not need to apply for NZETA.

The electronic travel authorization must be completed before departure to New Zealand. It can take up to 72 hours for the NZeTA request to be processed. Travelers who have not received New Zealand ETA permission at the time of checking in on their flight or cruise will be refused boarding.

Required documents to apply for New Zealand ETA for United States people

It is recommended to go with the terms and conditions while applying online for NZETA.

- The candidate should have a valid passport for his trip to New Zealand.

- The validity of the passport should be of or more than 6 months from the date of Visa approval.

- An online form should be suitably filled with the correct information.

- A working valid email ID is needed so you can receive your visa verification email on that.

- A debit card/credit card is needed to cover all the tourist levy as well as travel authorization costs during filling application for ETA and spending holidays in New Zealand.

Visitor Conservation and Tourism fee (IVL)

Simultaneously with the introduction of the NZeTA, the New Zealand overhead will introduce the Visitor Conservation and Tourism fee (IVL). This tax is intended to maintain the New Zealand nature and infrastructure. The costs are NZ $ 35 per person. These costs must be paid when applying for the NZeTA. The IVL is valid for as long as the NZeTA.

How long it will take for your visa to get ready?

One of the best things about us is that we have provided you leverage to choose the processing speed of your visa application. You are granted with 3 amazing options so that you can choose the best per as per your requirement. These are –

- Standard Processing Time – your New Zealand ETA is ready within a day.

- Rush Processing Time – You're required to wait up to four hours for the processing of your application.

- Super Rush Processing Time – Your ETA visa for New Zealand will arrive within just half an hour.

Travel Guide - From United States to New Zealand

The tourists are advised to get the printout of their ETA visa to show to the border control authorities to get entered in New Zealand. They too need to show their valid passport as well.