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People from several nations can pay their visit to New Zealand for the purpose of business deprived of applying for a Business Visitor Visa according to their nationality and their time duration of stay.

Travelers from visa waiver countries need to have a valid NZeTA to visit here for the purposes of trade and business.

New Zealand has made the Electronic Travel Authority or the electronic visa mandatory as of October 1, 2019. You can apply for a business visa online on our website and it is valid for 2 years. If you receive a new passport within 2 years, you can transfer this visa to your new passport. Applying for an NZeTA is only possible for countries that previously could travel visa-free to New Zealand and Belgium and the Netherlands are also included, so you are now obliged to apply for an NZeTA before your trip to New Zealand. See at the bottom of this page for which countries an NZeTA is mandatory.

Eligible nationals can obtain an electronic travel authorization through an online application and get an approved NZeTA via email. The New Zealand ETA can be used for business trips by eligible travellers. It allows stays of a maximum of 90 days.

People need to apply for the NZeTA before a business trip in order to enter the country to conduct business activities.

Eligible People from Different Counties for NZeTA

Business persons having a passport from any of the following visa waiver nations can travel to New Zealand with an NZeTA:

European Countries include -

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Other Countries -

Andorra Argentina Bahrain Brazil Brunei Canada Chile
Hong Kong Iceland Israel Japan Kuwait Liechtenstein Macau
Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Monaco Norway Oman Qatar
San Marino Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Republic of South Korea Switzerland Taiwan
United Arab Emirates United States Uruguay Vatican City

People who hold the passport for the UK can conduct their business and trade in New Zealand with an NZeTA. They can perform this for six long months.

Permanent residents from Australia ned to submit their application for eTA New Zealand before traveling to New Zealand for business. The one great thing about being an Australian is that you don't need to pay The IVL fee.

Requirements for NZeTA for Business Trips

To submit an NZeTA application for a business tour, it' required to have a passport having the validity of at least 3 months. The person needs to be from one of the visa waiver countries.

People must be a credit or debit card holder so as he/she can pay the required charges for NZeTA, IVL, and a small tourist tax.

In addition to the NZeTA, New Zealand has also introduced a tourist tax, this is known as Tourism Levy (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy). The costs for the tourist tax are included in the costs you pay for the visa for New Zealand. The validity of the Tourism Levy is also two years or as long until the validity of your passport. Proceeds from the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy are used to maintain the infrastructure for tourism, protect nature, and promote New Zealand as a tourist destination.

A valid email ID is also needed to get notified of your application. Here, you will get the valid NZeTA doc after approval.

New Zealand eTA Application for Business Trips

An eligible person can apply for the New Zealand eTA before a business trip to New Zealand through the online application form. It takes a few minutes to fill the form -

- Applicant's Name

- Surname

- Purpose of trip

- Current residential address

- Passport number along with issue and expiry date

- Record of criminal convictions (if any)

How do I get an NZeTA?

You can apply for your Business NZeTA / New Zealand visa completely online. You use the online application form for this. After completing, payment and approval by the Immigration Department in New Zealand, you will receive a confirmation text message. The visa will be sent to you by e-mail.

- The visa can be applied for 5 working days before departure, an urgent application (at an additional cost) is possible

- There is a (small) chance that your visa will not be approved. If this is the case, you will have to follow another procedure. This usually takes more time

People with a permitted NZeTA who intend to do business for more than the 90 days allowed with each entry are required to apply for the relevant visa. Please note that an overstayed NZeTA may cost severe penalties like deportation, criminal charges, and a temporary ban from visiting the country.

New Zealand Business Visitor Visa

People from non-visa waiver nations who aren’t eligible for applying New Zealand eTA before a business tour and are, rather, required to get a Business Visitor Visa for New Zealand from the consulate/embassy to pay for business activities. Candidates need to provide the proof of adequate funds to spend during their visit.

Both the business visa and New Zealand eTA allow people to visit there for up to 3 months -

- To sell products and services

- To buy products and services from New Zealand

- To carry-out, government official trade mission

- To undertake business consultations

- To undertake meetings with authorized representatives of an overseas company so as to conclude or expand business in New Zealand

NZeTA Application