New Zealand ETA Visa for Argentina

Situated in the Southwestern Region of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is bestowed with the splendid nature. This is the reason why it is one of the most preferred and the top tourist spots in the world.

If you want to go backpacking in New Zealand, you will have to make some preparations. You may have already read a few things about your preparations for backpacking in New Zealand. When you have arranged everything, it is time to think about your New Zealand visa.

Do you need a New Zealand visa?

As a backpacker or holidaymaker with an Argentina passport, you can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of three months without needing a visa. But this is until October 1, 2019. From October 1, 2019, you will need an Electronic Travel Authority (NZETA), and you will have to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy to visit New Zealand.

How do you arrange such an NZETA?

You can apply for an New Zealand ETA for New Zealand by filling out an application form on our website. The application takes a few minutes. After your request, the ETA New Zealand will be sent to your email.

The process of traveling to New Zealand from Argentina is only one step away. All you need to do is to apply for an NZETA. The process for applying for it is very simple.

You will be needing a list of documents mentioned below:

Passport: The first and foremost thing required is the passport. Without it, you cannot travel to any country. Before filling the form make sure that your passport is not expiring for at least the next 6 months. Additionally, it should have one blank page for the stamp.

Scanned passport size photograph should also be kept.

During filling up the form, you will be asked to enter the arrival date as well as the departure date. This is mandatory.

Payment: One should have a valid means of online payment. Be its debit card, credit card or the PayPal. One can also pay via Alipay and WeChat in some cases.

Email address: The tourist will be requiring a valid email address because as the application is scrutinized and accepted, the ETA is sent digitally on the email ID mentioned in the form. Though it is advised to take a hard copy of it too while traveling.

Who needs an NZETA?

You must apply for an NZETA if you meet the following requirements:

- If you are visiting New Zealand, or have switched from a country whose passport holders do not need a visa to visit New Zealand;

- If you transfer at Auckland International Airport;

- are a cruise ship passenger, regardless of your nationality;

- are a permanent resident of Australia.