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New Zealand eTA for Saudi Arabian Citizens

New Zealand is truly a wonderful country on the globe. It is among one of the most favored tourist spots around the world and is endowed with very rich natural beauty and breathtaking scenic views. New Zealand is located in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. It's a bunch of several small & big islands that are known as the South and North Islands. The country is stunningly beautiful and attracts millions of tourists. People from everywhere come here to visit and love to spend their holidays.

Get New Zealand eTA for Saudi Arabian Citizens

Are you leaving for New Zealand soon? Then, it would help if you had a New Zealand eTA. You can easily request this with us. Start your NZeTA application now! New Zealand eTA for Saudi Arabian citizens is required if you want to visit this country. Citizens of several countries are required to have NZeTA for this purpose.

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Why has the NZeTA been introduced?

New Zealand is one of many countries to use an electronic visa. The United States, Canada, and neighboring Australia have been using an Electronic Travel Authority system for some time. It may seem unnecessary and an administrative burden, but the system is a solution for the countries. They can already check in advance who wants to enter the country, and the advantage for you is that border control is faster. Instead of everyone being checked at the border, this is done before the trip.

Visa conditions NZeTA for Saudi Arabian Citizens

Does your travel destination fall into one of the categories below? Then you can use the NZeTA visa:

  • Tourism: holidays and visits from family or friends.
  • Business Travel: training, conferences, and other business meetings.
  • Job applications: Are you going to New Zealand for an interview for a paid or unpaid job? Then, you can use the NZeTA.
  • Sport: Participation in an unpaid amateur sport.

How can Saudi Arabian people apply for New Zealand eTA?

The process of applying for NZeTA is quite easy and simple. Some documentation is needed to apply for visa. The list of documents is as follows:

  • Passport: The primary thing required is the passport. With it, you can travel to any country. Before form filling, make sure that your passport is valid for at least the next six months. Additionally, it should have one blank page for the stamp.
  • Passport size photograph (color photo with precise measurement).
  • While filling out the application form, you'll be asked to enter the journey dates (arrival and departure). It is compulsory.
  • Email address: The applicant will be asked for a valid email address because as the application is analyzed and accepted, the eTA is sent digitally on that email ID. So, it is advised to take a hard copy of it while traveling.
  • Payment: Applicant should have an online payment option. Be it a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

NZeTA Approval

New Zealand eTA is approved in a day, normally, but the visitors are required to fulfill the online formalities before three days of departure. After the approval of the proposed application, the candidate will get a Visa via official mail on their provided email ID. The validity period NZeTA will be of 2 years. It will be applicable from the date of issuance. It allows you to visit New Zealand multiple times for up to 90 days for two years.

One also has to submit an International Visitor Conservation (IVL) and Tourism Levy. It is used for the development of the country in terms of Infrastructure and for protecting the environment. The documents are submitted only once every two years. Once the documents and the application form are examined, the NZeTA is mailed to you in PDF format. You are advised to carry a hard copy of it, too.

What are the NZeTA conditions for children?

If you travel to New Zealand from Saudi Arabia with children, add extra rules to your account. Children must have their passports and cannot travel with their parents' passports. In addition to completing this form, you must also print out and complete this form to be able to show that the parents have permitted you to bring the child along to the trip.

The times of the application process are as follows:

  • Normal eTA Processing: The application takes 48–72 hours to get scrutinized. The charges for it are USD 60.
  • Emergency eTA Processing: The application takes 24–48 hours, and the charges are USD 75.
  • Rush eTA Processing: This is the fastest among all. The application gets processed within 12–24 hours, and the charges are USD 85.

Frequently Asked Questions

While processing times for NZeTAs can differ, most applicants often receive their results in a matter of minutes to hours. In certain cases, the processing period could be more than 48–72 hours. To ensure the required travel authorization is granted in time for the trip, it is advised to apply for NZeTAs well in advance of the desired travel date.

To work in New Zealand, Saudi Arabian nationals must first be extended an employment offer by a New Zealand-based company, after which they must apply for a work visa, clear a medical and character reference, and then wait for the visa to be issued before departing to start their new job.

The general procedures to apply for a visa in New Zealand are as follows:

  • Choose the right kind of visa based on the reason for your trip.
  • Fill out the online application for a visa.
  • Attach documents
  • To pay the visa fee amount.
  • And wait for visa approval.

In general, it takes between 48–72 hours to process a tourist visa in New Zealand. To guarantee that the visa is processed promptly, it is therefore advised to apply for a tourist visa at least two weeks before the planned departure date.

The following steps must be followed if you're applying for a work visa for New Zealand visa from Saudi Arabia:

  • Receive an offer of employment from a New Zealand-based company.
  • Select the appropriate work visa category.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Attach the relevant paperwork.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • Health check-up Certificate

Before departing for your New Zealand job, wait for the visa to be approved. If you require knowing more about work visas, visit our visa information pages.

Depending on your objectives and planned duration of stay in New Zealand, you may also require a return ticket and evidence of finances in addition to a valid passport.