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About the New Zealand visa for Mauritius

New Zealand is considered the third most beautiful country in the world. The lustrous mountains, isolated islands, rolling countryside, scenic views, and pleasant and peaceful atmosphere attract people from around the world. The place lies in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. The place has an amazing diversity of landscapes and greenery everywhere. The breathtaking fjords get the affection of the tourists. People from every corner of the world come to witness this beauty. The same is the case with tourists from Mauritius.

Since then, New Zealand has made a list of 60+ countries. Visas for those nationalities have been exempted. Mauritius is one of them. Exemption of visa cut shortens the process of visiting the country. You will not have to visit the New Zealand embassy, but you will need to apply for a New Zealand visa for Mauritius citizens. The document permits you to visit New Zealand. It is valid for 2 years. One can get multiple entries within that time. The only restriction is that no visit should exceed a period of 90 days.

Document required for New Zealand visa for Mauritius

There are a certain set of documents that you will need to have before applying for a New Zealand visa for Mauritius and during the time of travel. Those are as follows:

Mauritius Country Flag Image | New Zealand eTA for Mauritius Citizens
  • The first and foremost thing that you will be needing is the Passport. One should have a valid passport and the documents should remain valid until 3 months from the date you depart from New Zealand.
  • Email address and also mandatory as the electronic travel authority is sent via mail. Make sure you keep a printout of it, too.
  • The photograph is also another thing that you can't ignore. A recent passport-size photograph is required.
  • You should have a digital payment option with you. You can pay via debit/credit card.
  • The bank statement is required to prove the means of sustenance and to show that you can take charge of your trip.
  • You will have to carry the return ticket, which will be asked at the airport. If you do not have one, the amount of the return ticket should be present in your bank account.

Applying for New Zealand visa for Mauritius

You will have to fill in all the mandatory details along with uploading the documents. The application form needs to be filled out very carefully. It is advised to proofread the application form before submitting it. Any discrepancies in the form can result in its cancellation. After scrutinizing the documents, they will then be sent to the authorized person via the email ID mentioned in the form. It is in PDF format.

Along with the NZeTA, visitors are also required to pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. It is used for the development of the country in terms of Infrastructure and for protecting the environment. IVL is submitted only once for 2 years.

Make sure you apply for the electronic travel authority way before you travel to the place. The authorities may take some time to complete the process and verify your documents. Take a margin of some time. So what are you waiting for? Apply for the eTA and visit New Zealand. You will have time to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will require a visa to enter New Zealand if you are a Mauritian citizen. If you're going for tourism, work, or just to see family and friends, you can receive an eTA for up to 90 days.

Applying for a New Zealand visa from Mauritius online can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. However, delays can occur for a variety of reasons, so it's better to apply before you leave to ensure your trip is authorized.

Some foods can be brought into New Zealand from Mauritius, but there are some things that can't. Make sure to declare all your food when you get there and be aware of what's allowed and what's not, so you don't have to worry about any fines or penalties. Make sure to check out our website pages for visa informations and guidelines before you go to make sure you're following all the rules.

If you are visiting New Zealand from Mauritius, you can stay for up to 90 days out of a total of 180 days. The length of your stay is determined by the visa or authorization you have, such as an eTA, as well as the reason for your visit, which is commonly tourism, work, or visiting family and friends.

Absolutely, you can apply for a New Zealand visa for Mauritius online by visiting our website pages.

A visiting visa normally does not allow you to work or live in New Zealand. To work in New Zealand, you must have a work visa that fits the employment you hold or the type of work you intend to do in New Zealand. To work in New Zealand, you must first apply for the appropriate work visa.

The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is the national currency of New Zealand. It is shortened as "$" and is frequently represented by the symbols "$" or "NZ$". Throughout the country, banknotes and coins are utilized for daily transactions.