Visas for New Zealand for US Citizens - How to get an NZeTA

Visas for New Zealand for US Citizens – How to get an NZeTA

Travelers from the United States have long favored New Zealand as an international destination. The most recent attractions have included tours of the iconic places and adventures of Hobbiton and a skydiving experience over Mount Doom. Still, other travelers have long recognized the appeal of New Zealand: adventure activities such as the first bungee jump, wine made from grapes fermented in volcanic soil, and a tranquil and undeveloped landscape with sheep outnumbering humans.

If you’re an American citizen looking to travel to New Zealand, you’ll need to have authorization. Most tourists at NZeTA apply online prior to their trip. The NZeTA is an online travel permit issued by the New Zealand embassy that allows Americans to avoid long, drawn-out visa applications.

About New Zealand eTA For US Citizens

NZeTA is an option for eligible New Zealand citizens who wish to travel to the country for transit, tourism, or business purposes. More than 170 countries have an eTA, including the United States of America. Getting a New Zealand eTA for US Citizens is an easy task. All you need to do is fill out a brief online form. You can do this on our website by clicking on the “apply online” button. Once you complete the form, you will receive confirmation of your NZeTA via email within 5-6 business days.


  • Please browse our website page
  • Fill in the personal details
  • Click the Apply Now button
  • Then make a payment
  • Waiting for procedure
  • Get your approved visa

Application Process

  • Your email ID.
  • Where will you be staying?
  • Sufficient fund
  • Information on health.
  • Name, present residence, and birthdate.
  • Expiration date and passport number.

Visas for New Zealand for US Citizens - How to get an NZeTA

Document Required

  • US passport validity with 6 months
  • Valid credit/debit card
  • Valid email ID
  • Updated passport-size photo


Your eTA is for two years. You can visit multiple times during this period, with each visit not exceeding three months. You are not allowed to stay in the country for more than six months in any twelve months.

Required for US citizens to enter New Zealand?

No, US citizens don’t need to apply for a traditional visa to visit New Zealand as long as they have a NZeTA. The NZeTA Visa waiver allows US citizens to travel to New Zealand without applying for a visa. The NZeTA for US citizens is much faster and easier than applying for a visa, and it’s entirely online. You’ll only need to apply at our website if you want to do things that aren’t included in the terms of your NZeTA, such as:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Residence
  • Long-term stays 

Visas for New Zealand for US Citizens - How to get an NZeTA

For the US to enter New Zealand, do they need an eTA?

Yes, US residents who intend to visit New Zealand for a brief time must have an authorized electronic time traveller (ETT) attached to their passport electronically. A valid NZeTA is required for US nationals planning short-term trips to New Zealand for the following reasons:

  • Tourism and travel 
  • visiting family and friends
  • Business trips, such as to conferences, meetings, and seminars
  • Passing through New Zealand on the way to another location
  • travelling as a member of the airline or cruise ship crew

What is the validity period of the eTA?

Your eTA will be valid for two years after it is issued.

When my application is approved, what happens next?

The New Zealand eTA will be emailed to you once the application is complete. We do this process for you. As soon as you enter New Zealand, you will need to present a printed version of your eTA along with your passport.

Can my family or friends apply?

Yes, your friends and family can apply for a visa, but you have to make sure you have all the required documents with their data, too. The application form allows you to add new applicants by clicking on the ‘Add new applicant’ button and filling out the required information.