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What To Do In December In New Zealand: 10 Exciting Tourist Attractions

With more daylight hours and higher temperatures, December is an ideal time to explore New Zealand’s diverse scenery. This month has a wide range of fascinating activities and attractions to offer, from enticing cities rich in cultural attractions to pure natural wonders. There is something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping excursions to stunning national parks and seaside vistas. Here are ten of New Zealand’s most popular tourist sites and activities for December, highlighting the best of what the country has to offer with NZeTA.

Exciting Tourist Attractions In New Zealand In December

Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound 

Fiordland National Park is famous for its magnificent peaks, flowing waterfalls, and unique species. The month of December is great for visiting the park, which is home to the famous Milford Sound. Cruise through the beautiful fiords, surrounded by towering hills and rare fauna.

 Bay of Islands

This gorgeous Northland region features scenic beauty, historic attractions, and water-based activities. Enjoy gorgeous beaches, water sports, and a visit to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

 Abel Tasman National Park 

December is known for its clean beaches and crystal blue oceans, making it a great time to go on an excursion such as a coastal trek along the Abel Tasman Track, a kayak trip, or simply relax in nature’s majesty.


Te Puia’s hot springs provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience geothermal energy, Maori culture, and spa treatments. Visitors can see the hot springs’ geysers and mud pools, as well as traditional Maori performances.

Queenstown | December In New Zealand | NZeTA Visa

Queenstown, known as the adventure capital, provides bungee jumping, jet boating, skydiving, and other activities against a backdrop of spectacular alpine landscape.


Explore New Zealand’s largest city, complete with a dynamic waterfront, renowned monuments such as the Sky Tower, and a broad assortment of cultural attractions.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Exploring the caves by boat, illuminated by thousands of luminous glowworms, is an enchanting experience.

Hobbiton Movie Set
Hobbiton Movie Set | December In New Zealand | NZeTA Visa

Visit the breathtaking film sets from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Hobbit” to experience the magic of Middle-earth.


Admire the Art Deco architecture, go wine tasting at nearby wineries in Hawke’s Bay, and take in the city’s beautiful environment.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing 

The legendary Tongariro Day Hike provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover volcanic terrain, crystal clear lakes and breathtaking panoramas. If you’re looking to get a taste of New Zealand, why not apply for New Zealand visitor visa online? You’ll be able to explore all the amazing places and experiences that the country has to offer.

Experiencing winter in New Zealand

  • Winter fsetivals
  • Zealandia
  • Tamaki Maori Village

Winter Packing List For New Zealand
Winter Packing List For New Zealand | December In New Zealand | NZeTA Visa

  • Warm Jacket
  • Snow-proof pair of trousers
  • Warm scarf
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Woolen Hat
  • Extra sweaters
  • Socks
  • Basic medicines

Here are a few tips before you head to New Zealand in winter

  • Before travelling to your selected New Zealand destinations, check the weather prediction.
  • Remember to bring your regular cold, cough, and viral fever medications.
  • If you intend to go ice skiing, remember to bring your equipment.

Where to see snow in New Zealand in December?

Snowfall is typical in December in New Zealand, especially in the southern Alps and higher elevations of the southern island. Ski resorts surrounding Wanaka, Remarkables, Coronet Peak, and Queenstown are among the most likely to have snowfall in December. It is important to remember, however, that snowfall can vary substantially from one location to the next, therefore it is recommended to research weather forecasts and ski reports to ensure the most reliable information about snowfall in New Zealand in December is accessible.

Is New Zealand good to visit in December?

December is an excellent time to visit New Zealand. Summer’s warm and sunny weather is ideal for getting out and enjoying the outdoors, taking in the sights, and exploring the country’s many distinct landscapes. December is an ideal time to visit New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, hiking trails, lively towns, and cultural events. It’s also peak tourist season in New Zealand, so major tourist attractions and lodging may be in high demand. The pleasant weather and number of festivities, on the other hand, make December a perfect time to visit. Get New Zealand tourist visa so you can explore its enchanting attractions and natural landscapes.

How can I enjoy December in New Zealand?
Winter Image | December In New Zealand | NZeTA Visa

December is an excellent time to visit New Zealand and enjoy the country’s amazing natural beauty and outdoor activities. There’s something for everyone, from sunbathing and swimming on stunning beaches to hiking through national parks like Abel Tasman and Tongariro. Adventure sports in Queenstown and cultural activities in places such as Auckland and Wellington are also excellent ways to spend the month of December. Celebrate the Christmas season by attending local festivals and events, sampling delectable seasonal cuisine, or participating in outdoor sports like kayaking or bungee jumping. Overall, December in New Zealand offers something for everyone during the season months.

Is New Zealand crowded in December?

December is traditionally a peak travel season for New Zealand, as it marks the beginning of the holiday season. This is due to the influx of tourists from both domestic and foreign countries, who are looking to take advantage of the country’s natural beauty, explore the outdoors, and partake in holiday activities. Popular tourist destinations, such as beaches, cities, and renowned landmarks, can be particularly busy during this period.

Is New Zealand expensive in December?

December is one of the most costly months in New Zealand due to the country’s high tourist season. Prices tend to rise during this period due to increased demand for lodging, transportation, and a wide range of visitor activities. Holiday activities and festivities can significantly increase the cost of travel, so plan early and book your accommodation, tours, and transport to guarantee you receive the best offers and manage your spending while in New Zealand in December. Learn about vibrant culture and stunning landscapes with New Zealand visitor visa.

To summaries, December in New Zealand is jam-packed with interesting tourist attractions that entice you to discover and experience the country’s beauty, culture, and adventure. December is the ideal time to explore and immerse yourself in varied experiences, whether you’re visiting Milford Sound, the dynamic city of Auckland, Queenstown’s adventure activities, or Rotorua’s cultural energy. The warm weather, holiday festivities, outdoor trips, and natural wonders of New Zealand make December a perfect time to visit the nation. However, it is critical to plan and book ahead of time because tourism is expected to rise during this peak period. So, in December, appreciate New Zealand’s summery attractiveness and create wonderful memories while exploring its appealing attractions.