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The Best Time to Travel to New Zealand

Ins and outs about the climatic Condition

Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed to ours. Our summer is their winter and our winter is their summer. The best time to visit New Zealand is in our spring, their fall (February-March), or our fall, their spring (October-November). If you go in February-March, the days are still long and the temperatures are generally still pleasant. In Oct-Nov the temperature can be a bit lower and it can rain more, but also during this period it is great to travel in New Zealand.

They say that New Zealand has 4 seasons in 1 day, and it is true. In the morning you can walk in the fog with your thick sweater and in the afternoon, you can sit on the terrace in the sun! The months of December and January are high season. The New Zealanders and Australians then have their own summer holidays and it is very busy and the prices are also high. If you can avoid this, I certainly would.

In our summer, their winter, you can also travel to New Zealand, but you have to take the weather forecast into account. New Zealand has several high areas where it can snow a lot. In winter it may be the case that your planned route cannot take place because roads are snowed over or are impassable. This is especially true for the South Island. Also, certain attractions or hiking trails may be closed due to the weather. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, there are various areas where you can also ski or snowboard!

When you travel to New Zealand, take your clothes into account. Bring lots of layers of clothing, but also a (fleece) sweater or cardigan. Also, think of outdoor or hiking clothing. A wind and waterproof jacket are also not a luxury, because it can be quite windy! Even on a summer day.

Although the Netherlands and New Zealand are so far away from each other, the climate is very similar. There is only one important difference: the seasons are opposite. When it’s summer in the Netherlands, it’s winter in New Zealand. And when it’s summer in New Zealand, it’s winter again in the Netherlands.

High season: December to March

This is the New Zealand summer. The chance of rain is the least, the temperature is pleasant, so the climate is ideal for a road trip through New Zealand. Please note that prices are generally highest during this period.

Midseason: April/May and September to November

The mid-season is really a transitional season. From September to November, you are just before the summer and in April/May after the summer. If you visit New Zealand during this period, the weather is still reasonable. A big plus for going in the mid-season is the tranquility at well-known hotspots and the lower prices for entrance tickets and overnight accommodation. 

Low season: June to August

If you travel to New Zealand during this period, you will end up in winter conditions. A big disadvantage of this period is that the days are considerably shorter, so you can see and experience less in one day compared to the New Zealand summer.

An advantage of a tour at this time of year is that it is very quiet and the prices are very affordable.   

What is the answer to the question: what is the best time to travel to New Zealand? The New Zealand population has holidays between mid-December and mid-January. The New Zealanders also like to make trips in their own country, which makes it a bit busier in various places. If you want to avoid the crowds a bit, it is wise to make a nice tour in New Zealand from mid-January to the end of February. There is always a chance of a rain shower, but least during this period.

Hopefully, you have become a lot wiser about the best travel period for a tour. Do you now know when you want to go to New Zealand? Contact us here and let me put together a tailor-made tour for you.