Make Your New Zealand Trip and Cheaper with Discounts and Extra Benefits!

Make Your New Zealand Trip and Cheaper with Discounts and Extra Benefits!

In New Zealand, they celebrate summer from December to February. And that means a busy period with many tourists and higher prices. We are happy to help you arrange an extra discount to survive the expensive summer in New Zealand.

For many Northern Hemisphere, it is special to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a warm and sunny environment. That is one of the main reasons why it is so incredibly busy in the country in December. Apply for NZeTA beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Tip #1: plan the highest discount in New Zealand yourself

“Timing is everything” they sometimes say. When it comes to making your New Zealand trip cheaper, that certainly applies. If you postpone your trip a little bit, it will be a lot cheaper. Much cheaper… And you still have wonderful summer weather.

February and March are ideal months to go to New Zealand if you want some nice weather. The end of summer and the beginning of late summer is often much nicer weather than the middle of summer around the holidays. And because most tourists have already left, everything is cheaper (rental cars, campers, etc.) and there is more space on the campsites and in the hostels. You then travel around much more relaxed and flexible, without having to plan far in advance. If you wish to visit New Zealand for your vacation, opting for New Zealand eTA would be a smart idea.

Tip #2: early bookers benefit, especially in 2023/2024

If you still want to travel in December or January, remember that you are not alone. It is the busiest and most expensive season. And practically all car and camper rental companies will be sold out. And what’s left will be put away at the grand prize. If you don’t want to miss out in that busy season, it’s best to book early. Then you often also grab a nice early booking discount. Just look at the rates for rental cars or the prices of rental campers in New Zealand. Months in advance there are still a lot of offers and you can grab a nice offer with an extra discount. The closer to December, the less is available and the higher the prices become.

And because it is so busy in the summer period, there will be no ‘relocations’. They only come again at the end of the season, around March. If you want to travel cheaply through New Zealand, we always end up with the first tip: travel in February/March for good weather and lower prices.

Everything will be different in New Zealand in 2023/2024. Prices for rental cars and motorhomes are higher than ever due to a shortage of cars in combination with high demand. By shifting your travel dates and being flexible, you can also score some nice car rental deals in New Zealand in 2023. When you register with for NZeTA, the agents will provide you all the necessary information, that will make your travel smooth and unforgettable.

Tip #3: no expensive insurance for car camper rental (and still well insured!)

Since the summer in New Zealand is already so expensive, you can save a lot by choosing the cheapest insurance (“risk-taker”). Take out advantageous excess insurance for a few euros yourself, then you will never have to pay for costs in the event of damage. Everything is then covered, but it only costs you a fraction or a significant discount on your car or camper rental in your pocket.

The most beautiful places and sights in New Zealand can often be reached via a gravel road. Damage will happen no matter how carefully you drive. Also, there are often stones lying around on asphalt roads. Before you know it, you have a star on the windshield. Without insurance, that can quickly become an expensive joke. By not taking out expensive insurance from the landlord, but covering the excess through excess insurance, you save a lot of money while you still have the certainty that the damage will be paid. You can therefore go for the highest deductible with your rental car or motorhome because the risk is then covered by that separate deductible insurance. When you apply for NZeTA, you are supposed to get informed about all the types of insurance and coverages.

Tip #4: Keep an eye out for New Zealand discount codes and coupons

Any savings you can make as a traveler to New Zealand is a bonus. It starts with a few pennies here and there until you are proficient and the dollars start flying off in discount. So, pay particular attention to discount codes, promotions, and coupons when you plan to go there and looking to apply for NZeTA.

Tip #5: Negotiate a discount

People often think that prices are fixed. Yes, in the supermarket where half a white costs about the same every day, regardless of the supermarket you go to. In the tourism and travel industry, prices depend on many factors, including supply and demand, time of year, temperature (weather), and many more. Just think of prices for airline tickets that change almost daily. Also, check our tips on how to find the cheapest flight ticket yourself, then you have already saved a lot on your trip.

It is, therefore, best to negotiate an extra discount. Not wrong with that. If you only manage to seize the moment. It’s all about timing. In the high season you have little chance because, as explained earlier, it is a busy period when the full-whack-paying tourists do come. You then have a bad starting position to negotiate.

If you come in a period where things are a bit quieter, you as a customer have more power. And if you travel with several people, you have an extra advantage. Suppose you are going to do a helicopter flight or tour with 3 people. Then the operator has 3 customers in 1x and he often has something extra for that.

And do you think that travel agents can only arrange a discount for you? Put that out of your mind. They do nothing more than what you can do, ask: “is this your best price or can something be done about it?” Especially since an operator has to pay a commission to a travel agent, it is cheaper for him if you book directly. And you can often arrange some extra discount with that.

Tip #6: know where to find the bargains

Summertime is a good time for fresh fruits and vegetables. So, buy everything that is in season, and in New Zealand, you often have a bag full of vitamins for less than $30. Especially if you skip the supermarket and go to small, independent greengrocers. They often sell fruit and vegetables that are less attractive than in the supermarket but are just as good or tasty.
Think of:

  • Undersized peppers – small but very tasty – for a few dollars a bag.
  • Kiwis are too large, which are therefore unsuitable for export, and are therefore cheap on the market in New Zealand.
  • Curved carrots, uneven zucchini, and humped cucumbers for less than $5 for a big bag.

You can arrange an extra discount this New Zealand summer by cooking deliciously with “ugly” but cheap fruit and vegetables. Combine it with rice, pasta, or canned vegetables from the bottom (= cheapest) shelf in the supermarket and you eat for next to nothing.
Fresh vegetables from the local greengrocer: $25 to $35 (cheaper than the supermarket).

More discount is always nice, no matter what season you travel

So, post your tips for arranging an extra discount in New Zealand, so we can all travel cheaper through this beautiful country. We wish you a nice and economical trip to and from New Zealand. Getting New Zealand eTA for your journey would be very significant as it will allow you to travel anywhere in the country without any legal obstacles.