Information About New Zealand Passport and Visa

Information About New Zealand Passport and Visa

Foreign citizens can obtain an electronic visa to travel to New Zealand for less than three months. For those wishing to travel on holiday to the country for more than three months, their tourist visa (the stamp they receive upon arrival) can be extended for a further three months. If they wish to remain in the country for more than six months, they can request the same visa from the Embassy. An NZeTA is a mandatory requirement for entry into New Zealand; with one, it is possible to check in for flights to the country. All required is a passport, credit card and an email address. An eTA can also be applied for online. The visa is valid for two years and can be used multiple times to visit New Zealand. During this process, the Europeans will contribute to maintaining tourism facilities in the country, such as parking lots, signage and more.

The eTA can take up to two days to be approved, so it’s best to get it ready before you leave. Remember, you need to apply for your eTA with your passport, so if you need to get a new one before you go, use it with your new one. If you still need to book your trip, check out our NZ itineraries – you can always customize them!

You need to have a valid return ticket to enter the country. Your passport must be valid for three months until after your planned return trip. After that, it can’t be added to your parents’ or lieutenant governor’s passports. Existing credits don’t apply from that date. If you’re stopping in Asia or the Pacific, your passport must be suitable for six months after you return.

If you plan to travel to NZ, you must complete a “visa waiver” before your departure. The visa waiver process takes about 15 minutes, and we recommend that you complete it by two weeks before your departure. It is essential as you need the visa waiver to be allowed your flight or flights. If everything is approved, you will receive a notice via this site.

A recent change has made it illegal for travellers who have travelled to or have been to: 

  • Iran 
  • Iraq 
  • Yemen 
  • Libya 
  • Syria 
  • Somalia 
  • Sudan 

You can no longer apply for a NZ Visa if you have dual nationality (Iran, Iraq, Syrian or Sudanese).  A New Zealand passport is required for travel to all countries, including.

To travel to or through New Zealand, applicants must submit a “visa waiver” form before departure. This form takes approximately fifteen minutes and should be completed at least two weeks before departure. The visa waiver is essential as without it. Applicants will be denied their flight or flights. If the visa waiver is approved, this website will send a notification.

By a recent amendment, applicants who have travelled to, or are planning to travel to, countries other than New Zealand are no longer eligible to apply for a New Zealand Visa. Additionally, applicants with dual nationality in one of those countries are no longer qualified.

How do I apply for a New Zealand passport?

The Department of Internal Affairs issues the passport. Passport information and application forms are available on this website.

How to get a passport abroad?

  • A passport can only be issued by a Passport Office in London, Sydney, or a New Zealand Passport Officer.
  • An Emergency Travel Document (ETD) can be issued by an Embassy of New Zealand overseas.
  • Please note that ETDs cannot be issued by our offices in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand, New Zealand and the United States of America.

If you require assistance in any of these countries, please visit our website for more information on how to apply for a Standard New Zealand passport.

How do I apply for a visa in another country?

For applying for eVisa you can contact us for travel, the Embassy, or the high commissions of the countries you plan to visit or transit through to find out their visa/entry requirements and if you need to apply for one. It should be done well before departure to ensure you have the correct visa. The New Zealand MFA can’t provide this information. It would help if you had the proper visa to enter one of the countries you plan to visit. Having a visa doesn’t mean you’ll be admitted to another country; this is a decision made by immigration officials.