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Information About New Zealand Passport and Visa

Europeans staying in New Zealand for less than three months require an electronic visa (from 1 October 2019) for their travel. Those who want to go on holiday to New Zealand for more than three months can have their tourist visa (this is the stamp you receive on arrival in the country) extended for another three months.

If you want to stay in New Zealand for more than six months, you can inquire at the New Zealand Embassy.

An electronic visa (ETA) will be mandatory for New Zealand from October 1, 2019. Without the electronic visa, from this date, you will not be able to check-in for your flights to New Zealand and you will not enter the country. All you need is your passport, credit card, and email address.  You can also apply for an electronic visa online.

The visa is valid for 2 years and you can use it multiple times to New Zealand. At the same time, during this process, you pay the ‘International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy’ (IVL). The IVL is used to maintain the tourism facilities in New Zealand. For example, the money will benefit the maintenance of the parking lots, signage, etc. in the national parks.

It can take up to 72 hours for the ETA to be approved. We recommend that you prepare the ETA well before departure. Keep in mind that you apply for the ETA with the passport you travel with. So, if you have to apply for a new passport before departure; then apply for the ETA with your new passport.

By the way, haven’t you booked your New Zealand trip yet? Take a look at our New Zealand itineraries, which you can always customize however you want.

The Mandatory Details About New Zealand


Have you already booked your trip? In order to enter the country, you must also be able to show a valid return ticket. The passport must be valid for three months until after the planned return trip. From that moment on, they can no longer be added to the passport of the parents or lieutenant governor. Existing credits are no longer valid from that date.

If you have a stopover in Asia or the Pacific, your passport must often be valid for 6 months after your return.

If you make a stopover or stopover in the United States of America, the following applies. Both infants and children must have their own passport if they are traveling to, though, or back from the United States. For up-to-date information on current regulations and conditions, please visit the US Embassy website.

If you travel to or via the USA, you must complete a so-called “visa waiver” before departure. It takes about fifteen minutes to fill in and we advise you to do this at least 2 weeks before departure. It is very important because without an approved visa waiver you will be refused on your flight(s). You will also receive a notification via this site if everything is approved.

Due to a recent change, travelers who have been to Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, or Sudan since March 1, 2011, can no longer apply for a New Zealand Visa. Travelers with dual nationality, one of whom is Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, or Sudanese, are also no longer eligible for a New Zealand Visa. If this applies to you, you must apply for a regular visa through the American consulate.