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Everything you need to know about NZeTA before travel

Welcome to New Zealand, the land of long white clouds and stunning landscapes. If you’re planning to travel to New Zealand and want to experience the country’s vibrant culture, you’ve come to the right place. New Zealand’s new electronic travel authority, NZeTA, has completely changed the entry process for eligible visitors.


What is NZeTA? 

New Zealand’s electronic travel authority (NZeTA) is a compulsory travel authorization designed to streamline and improve border security while allowing eligible visitors to travel more easily.

The NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) is a Visa Waiver Scheme implemented by the Government of the Republic of New Zealand to facilitate the entry of certain travellers into the country. It is a requirement for citizens of Visa Waiver Countries and cruise travellers wishing to visit New Zealand on a short-term basis.

Applying for an NZeTA (Electronic Travel Authority) for a trip to New Zealand is mandatory. It is possible to use NZeTA online and receive almost instantaneous notification of whether or not access to New Zealand will be granted. If the NZeTA is approved, it is valid for two years. If a new passport is issued within this period, the NZeTA can be transferred to the new passport.

Apply for your NZeTA today.

For Apply For NZeTA Visa, it is possible to pay securely using Debit Card or Credit Card and PayPal. This New Zealand application only applies to countries already authorized to travel to New Zealand visa-free. Valid passport holders are included in this category. Therefore, using an eTA online before travelling to New Zealand is mandatory.

You can also Check NZeTA Visa Fees or  NZeTA Status from our website page.

Tourist tax (Tourism Levy)

In addition to having an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), New Zealand has also introduced a tourist tax called Tourism Levy. The tourist levy is also compulsory and has to be applied for at the same time as the NZeTA. Like the ETA, Tourism Levy has the same 2-year validity or as long as your passport.

Why an NZeTA?

New Zealand has adopted an Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) to issue travel authorization applications. It aligns with the practices of other countries, including the United States of America and Canada, where this application form has been in place for a considerable time. The benefit of having an Electronic Travel Authority in place for New Zealand is that you will be pre-screened, and the border passage process will be expedited. However, the fact that an application has been approved does not automatically entitle the individual to entry into the country. Upon arrival, the individual must proceed through Immigration, where they may be refused entry.


Costs NZeTA and International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy

The official cost of an NZeTA for a New Zealand tourist is NZ$ 12 (NZ$ 9 if applied through an application). In addition, tourist taxes (international visitor conservation and tourism levy) are also applicable and are NZ$ 35. These costs can be paid via credit card through the official website.

Request your NZeTA and Tourism Levy for New Zealand in time.

Your New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) application must be submitted on time to be approved in New Zealand. In the majority of cases, your application will be approved without delay. However, exceptions may exist, so if your application is submitted on time, you may still be eligible to apply for a new visa at the New Zealand Embassy in case of a rejected NZeTA application.


This option is also available for those wishing to complete their New Zealand electronic time allowance (eTA) and tourist tax applications. Payment methods available include Debit Card payment, Credit Card payment, PayPal payment, and other forms of compensation.

In conclusion, the New Zealand Tourism Arrival Entry System (NZeTA) is a streamlined and user-friendly system that has revolutionized the entry experience for visitors to the country. Whether you are looking to embark on an exciting journey or immerse yourself in the culture of New Zealand, NZeTA will guarantee a stress-free and unforgettable experience. With multiple entries and an extended validity period, NZeTA allows you to explore the country at your own pace, ensuring a fantastic journey.