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Documentation To Travel to New Zealand

If you are considering applying for a New Zealand visa for work, study, residence, domestic partnership, family, business, or investment, you will need to provide the appropriate documents with your application to the New Zealand Immigration Department (INZ). 

The first thing to do is consult the Immigration New Zealand website and locate the visa category that corresponds to your purpose; or speak with an immigration advisor or an attorney who specializes in immigration issues, to see what type of documents you need to present as the process varies depending on your personal circumstances, and each visa is different.

All the formalities you should know before traveling to New Zealand: passport, driving license, customs, vaccinations, and the local currency. And very important step for the NZeTA the Authorization Electronic Travel to enter the country.

Passport – To travel to New Zealand you will need a passport valid for more than 3 months after the return. Keep in mind that a biometric passport is mandatory, as well as an ESTA transit visa for flights that pass through the United States.

Driving License – It is mandatory to have an international license to drive in New Zealand. It is possible to obtain it at the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Customs Control – It is strictly forbidden to introduce any food to New Zealand and Australia. Australia is one of the countries that have the strictest customs security controls in the world, the Australian and New Zealand governments try to preserve the ecosystem and avoid contamination by toxic pests or diseases that could be a threat to the population. or the environment.

Personal documents and background certificates


• Birth certificates
• Criminal / Court Record Certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Divorce certificates
• Death certificates
• Identity and travel documents (passports etc.)

Proof of common-law or common-law marriage


• Marriage certificate or civil union certificate.
• Documents showing the joint address (mortgage in the name of both, lease contracts, purchase of a vehicle, etc.).
• Economic dependency or interdependence (statements or bank statements or bank documents showing monetary transfers between the accounts of both spouses, shared accounts or in the name of both, or income in common).
• Birth certificates of common children.
• Any document from relatives or acquaintances that proves the existence of your relationship.
• Correspondence (emails, messages on Facebook or social networks, cards, and letters including envelopes with stamps and dates) proving that they share the same address or the years that they are known.
• Documents that prove how long you have been together.

Financial documents


• Credit and debit account statements or statements
• Documents proving ownership of shares or properties
• Documents that prove ownership of a company or business

Medical documents


• Medical reports

Labor documents


• Job references or letters of recommendation on company letterhead.
• Payroll
• Specifications of a position or job
• Work-life reports or tax reports
• Nomination letters
• Contracts
• Job evaluations

Academic degrees and certificates


• Academic certificates (schooling, analytical, or concentration of grades)
• Secondary degrees and vocational training
• University degrees, diplomas, or certificates of courses taken