Conditions for traveling with NZeTA | NZeTA visa | New Zealand eTA

Conditions for traveling with NZeTA

There are several conditions for travelling to New Zealand with a New Zealand visa (NZeTA). These conditions relate to, among other things, your nationality, your purpose of travel, and the validity of your passport. Most people who travel to New Zealand for a holiday or business trip meet the conditions of the New Zealand visa. In any case, it is advisable to read the conditions carefully to avoid problems during your trip.

Nationalities Eligible for a New Zealand Visa

If you want to use the NZeTA, you must have a passport from a ‘visa waiver country. These are several countries with which New Zealand has made agreements that make it possible to travel with an NZeTA. Do you have a passport from the Netherlands, Belgium, another EU country, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom? Then you can apply for a New Zealand eTA and travel to New Zealand with it. Do you have a passport from another country?

Conditions to your passport

To use the New Zealand eTA that can be applied for through this website, you must have a valid passport. This also applies to children. The New Zealand visa can be applied for with a regular passport, an emergency passport, or a German child passport. Do you only have an ID card, driver’s license, refugee passport, or residence permit? These documents cannot be used to apply for a NZeTA through this website. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months on the day you depart from New Zealand.

Is your passport not valid long enough? Then first apply for a new passport and then a New Zealand visa. If your passport expires during the validity period of your NZeTA, your travel authorization will also expire. If you apply for a new passport, you must therefore also apply for a New Zealand visa with the new passport details.

Permitted destinations

The New Zealand eTA may be used for a limited number of travel purposes. You may travel to New Zealand with this visa if it concerns:

  • Vacation
  • transfer
  • Visiting family and/or friends
  • Business trips (including job interviews)
  • Travel for the practice of amateur sports
  • Short study trip

In the application form, you must select the purpose of your trip to New Zealand. You can choose from ‘tourism’, ‘transfer’, ‘business’ and ‘medical’. Please note: medical travel is not permitted with an NZeTA visa for New Zealand. This means that you will receive an error message if you indicate in the application form that the purpose of your trip is ‘medical’. You cannot then apply for a New Zealand eTA via this website. Are you only traveling to New Zealand for a short layover?

Please read the required information about transferring before applying. Do several of the permitted travel purposes apply to your trip? Always choose ‘tourism’ in the application form, because then all the activities mentioned above are allowed.

Is your destination not on the list? Then you are not eligible for the NZeTA and you must apply for a different type of visa at the New Zealand Immigration Service. This applies, for example, if you intend to take up employment with a New Zealand organization.


Other conditions for traveling with a New Zealand eTA

There are several other conditions that travellers must meet if they want to travel to New Zealand with an NZeTA. These relate to the traveller’s travel plans and background.

Travel plans

On arrival in New Zealand, you must have a return or onward ticket and be able to present it to a customs officer. There is no need to make further travel plans or book accommodations before you leave for New Zealand. However, it is always wise to think about what you want to do in New Zealand in advance and to book several first nights. The New Zealand Immigration Service could find it suspicious if you enter the country without any plans.

Traveller background

Finally, there are several conditions regarding the personal background of each traveller. If you want to travel with a New Zealand NZeTA, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient financial means to cover your entire stay. This can be done, for example, by showing a recent bank statement.

In addition, you may not use the NZeTA if you have ever been sentenced to imprisonment or if you are suspected of a crime that could potentially lead to imprisonment. You must also be in good health. If you have a serious, communicable disease and/or may pose a significant burden to New Zealand’s healthcare system, you may be refused entry into the country.

Do you meet all the conditions? Then apply for your New Zealand eTA

If you meet all the conditions, you can apply for your New Zealand eTA immediately. The application procedure only takes a few minutes and consists of completing an online application form and submitting a passport photo. If you do not qualify for an NZeTA, you may be able to use another type of visa issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service.