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New Zealand Camping Information

As a camper, there are a number of things you should pay attention to, such as rules for wild camping.

  1. Camping in a tent or caravan is popular in New Zealand, both among residents and tourists. 
  2. The country has an extensive network of well-equipped camping areas in all regions and national parks.

Types of campsites


  1. Campsites in New Zealand range from simple nature areas to areas with more comfort.
  2. The camping areas have places for both tents and motor homes.
  3. The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages more than 250 public campgrounds in protected areas across the country. These campsites are located in some of the most beautiful regions. The amenities are usually minimal and simple. For more information, visit our website.

Quality of the campsites


The quality of New Zealand camping is generally good to very good.



Luxury camping is a growing phenomenon in New Zealand. 



  1. On a simple site, a pitch costs about €8 per night, on a luxury campsite about €20.
  2. Spending the night on Department of Conservation  (DOC) sites is cheap and sometimes free. 
  3. In general, when staying in the period between December and March, reservation is necessary to be sure of a place.

Wild Camping


  1. Wild camping is not allowed in New Zealand.
  2. Some national and regional parks allow camping in designated areas.

Camping along the road


In some places, it is allowed to stay overnight in a motor home along the road, provided that you can use your own facilities in the vehicle. These spots are indicated by signs with the inscription Freedom Camping.

Motor homes


  1. There are many companies that rent out motor homes in New Zealand. Rates vary depending on the season.
  2. The same rules apply to motor homes in New Zealand that also apply to other vehicles.
  3. Complete camper holidays can be found on our website.
  4. For more information about renting and driving a camper, contact us.

Facilities at the campsite


Rental accommodations


At some campsites and holiday parks, it is possible to rent cottages or cabins on site.



Adapters and plugs are available in the shops.

Cooking at the campsite


Most paid campgrounds have a large kitchen with appliances and tables to eat at.

Books and cards


For an overview of available books and maps, you can visit the nearest bookshop.

Experiences and information


  1. Ask a question or search for information about camping equipment at our website.
  2. Useful tips about camping can be found on our portal.



Forest fires are a serious threat, especially during the summer months (our winter). Warnings and prohibitions for open fires and camps must be observed.